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Layout and Space Planning

Layout and space planning is an integral part of interior design and needs careful consideration. It is essential to have continual and good flow throughout the available space and this is where your designer can advise you. Therefore, it is essential that we understand and appreciate exactly how you are going to use your space so that we can advise you how to make it work for you.

If you are planning a new-build we can take a look at your building plans and help you achieve the best layout and use of space for your project. In the same way, if you are remodelling or altering your existing property, we can assist you in planning your layout and use of space. It is easy to overlook making best use of layout and available space when faced with detailed building plans prepared by professionals who may be more focused on accuracy and less on maximising efficient use of the space.

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Space Planning in Interior Design

Space planning is at the core of the interior design process. The layout of a home or room has a strong bearing on how your family and guests interact and move throughout the space. Proper placement and optimum size of the elements within the relevant space allows for a harmonious layout that enhances the enjoyment of your property.

Our designer first carries out a survey to establish how the space is to be used. A plan can then be devised to identify the different zones of use and activities that take place there. Clients are well aware that good circulation through these zones can only be achieved with detailed planning. Finally, placement of furniture, accessories and other objects is indicated on the plan to ensure ease of movement throughout the different zones and making best use of available space.

We prepare CAD (Computer Assisted) drawings that show you the design concept and when finalised provide you with a detailed visual reference of the floor plan.

We at Killeen Design work side by side with construction professionals to identify best use of space for our clients adding value to existing plans or those in the course of being drawn. In this way a happy balance between architectural detail and practical needs can be struck that will contribute to a successful project outcome.

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