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Killeen Design

What we do

Interior Design | Layout & Space Planning | Remotely Delivered Design | Home Staging

Over more than two decades, Killeen Design has gained a reputation for creating elegant and functional interiors with a high quality of service and timely delivery. Our work encompasses all aspects of interior design, layout and space planning, and home staging. We offer our services for newbuilds, remodels, extensions, home staging and work with construction professionals to achieve the best possible design for your project. Ours is a friendly yet professional service with our clients' best interests at the centre of everything we do.

Each and every client is highly valued irrespective of whether the project is a large or small one. We also offer a Remotely Delivered Interior Design service for those times it may not be possible to meet in-person.

Residential Properties | Country Houses | Show Houses and Apartments | Marketing Suites | Landlords & Investors

Interior Design

We at Killeen Design interpret each client’s passions and style to provide innovative and beautiful interiors. Interior spaces are often completely reimagined to transform them into warm inviting places choosing quality furnishings and accessories.


Layout and Space Planning

Layout and space planning is an integral part of interior design and needs careful consideration. It is essential to have continual and good flow throughout the available space and this is where your designer can advise you.


Remotely Delivered Service

It may not be possible to have people to your home for reasons all too familiar or perhaps you prefer to get advice on your project by remote contact. Indeed, those mandatory periods of remaining at home allow you to really see your home in close proximity and explore the possibilities of improving it. With this in mind, we offer a safe and remote design service to assist our clients which is delivered in a professional manner.


Home Staging

Home Staging is an essential step when you have decided to place your property on the market. When selling or renting, a well-presented property instantly attracts greater interest and ultimately sells or rents faster for a higher value. We prepare a customised design plan to present your home in the best possible way.


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