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Our Approach

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We offer our wide-ranging interior design service for all types of property that is meticulously executed and delivered. Our work carries a high level of responsibility to design intimate and personalised spaces that are not only elegant and enjoyable but purposeful and well thought out. We achieve this by bringing a 'can do', 'thinking outside the box' approach that enables us to deliver unique designs for our clients.

Whether it is a new build, a remodel, extension or other project, no matter the size or scale of the project, we at Killeen Design can help you achieve the best design and layout for your property. Please read how we go about this below.


Trust is fundamental to a working relationship and must be earned. Much of our work comes from the recommendations of existing clients who have entrusted us with their projects and are happy with our service. This is due in no small part due to the fact that we are experienced, dependable, and transparent. From the start to finish of every project we work closely with our clients to deliver on their vision. Only in this way can we expect to gain trust and satisfy our clients as creative and dependable interior designers.

Size is not everything

For us every project is equally deserving of inspirational design and meticulous attention to detail regardless of size and scale. We are always pleased to discuss your ideas and aspirations on projects from city apartments and cosy town houses to large residences all of which provide their own interesting challenges. We have long experience of working on projects with luxury villas, country houses and mansions to more modest homes all of which receive our grateful attention from start to finish.


Our work is a reflection of who our clients are and how they wish to live. Sometimes our design is bold and dramatic and other times subtle and sensitive. We can deliver styles from classic to modern and we are ever ready to challenge convention when the opportunity arises. Above all we seek to deliver something exceptional that not only meets clients' expectations but exceeds them.

Client centred approach

We not only like to say that we do 'out of the box' thinking but in fact do what we say. Frequently, clients tell us that they did not think something was feasible because of what they had been told in the past. When this situation arises we see it as a challenge and set about making things happen. Years of experience means that we pay particular attention to the detail of our work, knowing this is what makes our design truly unique. It is always our promise to deliver a truly exceptional design that meets the requirements and tastes of each of our clients.


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