Tricia began her career in fashion owning and successfully managing her own boutique in south Dublin for many years. She established her interior design business in Ireland over 15 years ago.

Her passion for design started as a young teenager making her own clothes, artwork and jewellery. Interior design was a very natural path for her to follow. Her style is influenced by a number of factors including her surroundings, travel, culture and fashion. In her work she likes to incorporate classic, retro and contemporary styles depending on the project at hand.

The majority of Tricia's work is focused on residential properties in Ireland. She has also worked on large residential projects in Southern Europe encompassing interior design and both interior and exterior architecture. These were large projects necessitating frequent site visits and meetings with other professionals and clients. Every project has been a resounding success with well satisfied clients who have complemented Tricia for her work and adding substantial value to their properties.

Tricia is passionate about her business and her friendly manner together with a professional approach ensures that her clients also enjoy the whole journey. Tricia has many returning clients and has received many recommendations which serve as a real example of her total commitment and professionalism with every project - large or small. Tricia's real pleasure is in creating beautiful and 'feel good' spaces for her clients to enjoy in their everyday lives, work and leisure time.